Jump Start Scholarship (for NON-YOBC members only)



* To provide resources for the study of music to students with demonstrated financial need who are not currently YOBC members.

* To provide a pathway to YOBC membership for students who lack the financial resources to meet eligibility requirements.


Types of Assistance:

YOBC's Jump Start Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that may provide assistance with one or more of the following components of music study:

* One year of free music lessons on your instrument

* Access to a musical instrument if needed



* Open to all students in grades 3 through 10 (at the time of the application).

* Students must participate in their school's performance music program (if available).

* Students and their families must demonstrate financial need and a commitment to the study of music.


Application Requirements:

* Student Letter - Student must write a letter briefly explaining their motivation for applying for the scholarship and their goals should they be selected.

* Parent Letter - The parent/guardian must provide a letter stating why they believe that their child would benefit from this scholarship and stating their commitment to help the student comply with the requirements of the scholarship.

* Teacher Recommendation - Students must obtain at least one letter from their school music director or another teacher who can recommend them for their level of commitment.

* Tax Returns - The parent/guardian may be asked to provide YOBC with a confidential copy of the family's prior-year federal tax return to demonstrate financial need.

* Application Deadline - Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.


Student Commitment:

* Student must faithfully attend and prepare for lessons.

* Student must notify the private teacher if they are unable to make the scheduled lesson.


Selection Criteria:

* Strength of the applicant (based on our assessment of need and benefit from the scholarship's assets and student's motivation).

* Written recommendations provided by the parent/guardian and the music professionals.


YOBC will receive updates on the student's progress from the private instructor and/or the school music director.



* Selection of an appropriate teacher to provide music lessons is at the sole discretion of YOBC.


Apply for the JUMP START Scholarship.