What's Happening at YOBC?
Hoagie Sale: Order through Oct. 4
 Sunday, October 4th
*Philharmonia Schedule Change - This week only*
Philharmonia strings, brass, and percussion
will be dismissed at 3:15pm
Philharmonia flutes, clarinets, and oboes remain for full rehearsal
Phil Strings: new Borodin music (with bowings marked). Log in and download or update your parts for Sunday.
 Wind Symphony Trombone Sectional
3:45 - 5:00, Room 100
Ripieno Sectional 3:15: Viola
Concertino Sectional 3:30: Corelli Violins
Woodwind Quintet: 11:50 - 12:50, Room 12
Honors String Quartet: 1:15, Room 4
Clarinet Ensemble: No Rehearsal
Saxophone Ensemble: 2:45, Room AHB 010
Coming Soon: YOBC Practice-A-Thon, October 11 -25
Opportunity: Settlement School
 Woodwind Chamber Ensembles: Audition Info
Missed the Parents Meeting?
See this brief message from a YOBC alumna and current Board member (left) 
Season highlights: Emily Threinen, Oct. 25
Kimberly Fisher, Date TBD
Curtis Strings, Spring 2016
Philadelphia Orchestra Trip, Feb. 6 (log in for Field Trip info & tickets) 
Mary Fahl/Pops Concert, May 22, 2016