All YOBC member families are expected to volunteer, unless you have paid the $100 waiver. You will be assigned a volunteer duty. If you have any questions about our volunteer requirement, or the duty you have been assigned, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sue Busch, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We appreciate your help. We could not run this organization withot our dedicated families.
Volunteer jobs include:
Communicates between musicians/parents and conductor/YOBC staff. Handles announcements and disperses pertinent information received from the Director or Volunteer Coordinator. Takes attendance at weekly rehearsals, sends weekly reminders to volunteer set-up parents, collects for conductor gifts, and helps Librarian with back-up music when needed. Large ensembles have 2 Liaisons who share the position.
YOBC Liaisons must agree to submit background clearances in accordance with new PA State law that requires background clearances for all volunteers who directly work with/supervise children. There is no cost to you for such clearances. See information here about obtaining necessary documentation.
Handles music from conductor – makes copies of all music – scans copies for website or hands over to a scanner. Fills out log sheet (itemized listing of parts) for each score to confirm all parts were received. Takes charge of the music during dress rehearsals and concerts – returns music to conductor after checking to ensure all parts are inventoried and none missing.
Snack Stand Coordinator (2 volunteers)
  1. Takes charge of weekly snack stand inventory – purchases candy/soda/water and picks up pretzels for sale each Sunday. Helps to set up stand each week, along with Sunday volunteers, with items from the YOBC food locker. Preferably can arrive by 1:00 pm.
  2. At end of Sunday rehearsal – 6:30 – helps to break down, along with another volunteer, the stand each Sunday. Puts nonperishables such as candy back into YOBC food locker. Leftover food such as pretzels or cupcakes is sold or given away as needed. Counts proceeds from the day and gives the money to Colleen Sweetsir at 6:30 pm.
Sunday Volunteer
Helps with rehearsal set-up for your child’s ensemble, or helps with snack stand sales. May switch with another volunteer if there is a conflict with any assigned dates. Volunteers are needed approximately 4-6 times throughout the entire year.
Helps with registering and directing new applicants on audition days in April or May.
Concert Day Volunteer
These volunteers are important to the smooth running of our concerts, held twice in the season – mid-November and mid- April. Volunteers have a variety of jobs – one is to coordinate (most coordinators pair with another volunteer), or assist with: stage crew, food, ticket, or YOBC apparel sales. Other jobs include lobby manager (checks and signs in all concert volunteers, troubleshoots), photographer (candids), videographer, ensemble chaperone, and usher. Works both fall and spring concerts of your child’s ensemble.
Candygram Coordinator (2)
The candygram coordinator is responsible for preparation and cleanup for the candygram fundraiser, as well as contacting the selected concert volunteers. The coordinator purchases the candy, arranges reimbursement through YOBC and prints up labels for the grams. The coordinator jobs will be filled by one Junior/Intermediate Division and one Advanced Division parent.
Music Scanner
Takes copies the Librarian made from originals and scans as pdf files – follows YOBC protocol regarding separating parts and naming files. Sends as email attachment to YOBC Administrator or deposits in YOBC Dropbox. Will scan for multiple ensembles. Handles both fall and spring concert music.
Benefit Event Help
Volunteer helps with the annual spring gala – usually held in March.
Will help with coordinating donations or making up baskets, in addition to supporting the YOBC Board in selling tickets one or two Sundays prior to the event. May include some fundraising.
Program Layout/Graphic Design
Volunteer has some skills in layout design. Experience with publishing software helpful, but not necessary. May include some proofreading. Needed for both concert programs and posters.
Program Content Coordinator
Volunteer collects copy for the Fall & Spring programs to deliver to the designer in a timely way. Fall: update front/back matter and personnel rosters, program ads, conductors' programs, program order, misc. Spring: update personnel lists, any new ads, changes; collect conductors' programs; Senior Recognition data. This is NOT a design position. Requires attention to detail and good follow-up. Most can be done from home.
Candid Photographer
Candid photographers take photos of the students as individuals or in small groups during the dress rehearsal periods before YOBC concerts. Photos are taken while the students are rehearsing with their conductor and during their "down" time when they are relaxing and having fun. A camera with a reasonable telephoto lens (usually a DSLR), that can record "raw" files, is needed for this kind of photography because of the difficult illumination in the school environment.
Elevated Camcorder Videographer
These videographers operate camcorders remotely during YOBC concerts. They control the zooming and aiming of the camcorder to highlight players who are playing their instruments during the musical pieces, changing the camcorder view from one group to another during the concert. Controlling the camcorder is not difficult but does require a little practice the first time (which can be done during the dress rehearsals preceding the concert day).

Attendance Coordinator
Good job for someone to work from home. Volunteer enters the excused absences from attendance online log into folder, sends out reminders/notifications to unexcused students, and updates the master list. Job may be shared with another volunteer.
General Support
Jobs may include poster distribution for both fall and spring concerts, helping out with special events such as BCMEA String Day in November or YOBC Chamber Concert in the spring or other YOBC events